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8972385_origWelcome to C. D. Bonner’s page, where writers and readers of all genres can share ideas and talk about the experiences, stories and favorite activities that make you interesting writers and readers.  Grab a biscuit and a cup of coffee, and dive in. Being Southern is not a requirement, and discussions go beyond an appreciation for Lewis Grizzard, Ferrol Sams, and The Varsity.
There is a blog for open discussion, tickling each others’ imagination, and authors can mutually support each other’s publishing efforts.  Click on the Blog link at the top of this page, and post your own work to stir interest and discussion, or share a funny link. Talk about the things that make you interesting.  Maybe you are a gold prospector, or have lived in interesting places.  Our experiences make us the authors and readers that we are.  I will post a new story each week on the Blog (link is at the top of this page).
“I Talk Slower Than I Think” is Faring Well in The Writer’s Got Talent Contest

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