Favorite The Swiss Colony Complaints Rampant

Before you order, do a Google search of “complaints” followed by the name of the business, charity, organization, or person. The Swiss Colony has a long list of complaints. More than 619 complaints through the Milwaukee and Monroe, Wisconsin Better … Continue reading

Comedian Rachel Bloom Rocks

It’s well worth your time to check out the website  and YouTube videos of Rachel Bloom. She is a comedy writer for Robot Chicken, she does improv at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and more. Truly a multi-talented young lady.   … Continue reading

One-Sheet on Book “I Talk Slower Than I Think”

C. D. (Dean) Bonner left the tarpaper shacks of Appalachia for a long military career, rising through the enlisted and officer ranks. He was a skilled Morse telegrapher and a calming voice during many search and rescue cases. He left … Continue reading