Think Before You Speak

A Klingon was talking on his communicator while in a slow checkout line at Winn Dixie.  After a moment, the woman in front of him frowned, and she turned to confront him, “Hey! This is America.  If you’re going to come … Continue reading

Award-winning Story Seeking Asylum

This story was not included in my collection I Talk Slower Than I Think.  This one recalls visiting our mother in the world’s largest mental hospital at age 3-4, then revisiting the place at age 18. It was one of … Continue reading

Famous Failures

Famous Failures Video Thank you to Green Yatra for sharing this video. Don’t shield your child from failure.  Failure makes them stronger, and more able to handle setbacks; more flexible in finding alternative paths. Easy success builds shallow, fragile self-esteem. … Continue reading

The Revelator Arts Magazine Relaunched as The Republic

The great arts, entertainment, food, music, and organic farming magazine covering east Alabama has been reborn from The Revelator to The Republic. The inaugural edition is a literary edition.  Read the works of some of the most moving authors in … Continue reading