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MACHS 1978 alumnus Dean Bonner is having a book signing at the Monroe Art Guild from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on December 6th. “I Talk Slower Than I Think” has reached worldwide paperback and ebook distribution since its 29 August release. These true tales have garnered strong reviews from such national publications as Reader Views and The Kindle Book Review. Bonner’s book is filled with humorous and touching tales of growing up in Georgia in the Sixties and Seventies, with most of the stories set in Walton County. Few people have tried a biscuit so hard firemen had to remove it or waded through a treasure of Confederate money. A child must dodge bobcats to reach the bathroom, and the preacher nearly drowns a sinner in his attempt to cleanse him. Listen to tales of the tasty state record crappie pulled from Tillman’s pond on Snow’s Mill Road and being surrounded by water moccasins in Jones’ Woods. Come out to meet (or reconnect with) the author and swap stories.

One-Sheet on “I Talk Slower Than I Think” 
by C. D. Bonner


Author Bio: 
C. D. Bonner left the tarpaper shacks of Appalachia for a long military career, rising through the enlisted and officer ranks. He was a skilled Morse telegrapher and a calming voice during many search and rescue cases. He left a town of 300 souls to travel the world, living in Boston, New Orleans, DC, and even on the island of Guam for a couple of years. C. D. has a taste for things archaic, such as restoring Studebaker automobiles and antique tube radios, and is a weekend gold prospector. His partner PJ, a multi-talented artist, shares these same interests. Together, they travel and spend time at homes in Alabama and Virginia.  C. D. has several upcoming projects, including recording several CDs of original humor for satellite radio and writing a new compilation of short stories.

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Fore review copies or interview requests, contact Clarence at 757-217-7066.

“I Talk Slower Than I Think” ISBN-13: 978-0-9857950-0-9 (print) 
ISBN-13: 978-0-9857950-1-6 (E-book)

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Author: C. D. Bonner. Cover illustration by Patricia Jean Garrigus.
These 52 Creative Non-fiction stories capture some of the amusing tales and a few tragic moments of growing up in the rural South. A child must dodge bobcats on the way to the bathroom; he tastes a biscuit that is so hard firemen must remove it, and he wades through a treasure of Confederate money. This extended family has quirks and an odd collection of friends whose imagination leads them to do outrageous things. Listen to tales of his second cousin, twice (forcibly) removed. These are true stories for adults and adolescents to enjoy that go beyond Southern humor.  The length of these stories makes this book a perfect bathroom reader.



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