How I Write

I do most of my writing as I walk around doing everyday things, then type it up. Occasionally a character, a scene, a particular phrase rises to consciousness and I sort out whether to use it; where to use it, then it submerges again. By the time I sit down to write, it’s pretty much a done deal, and I type up a draft, usually without stopping on that section or story. I may re-order some things, smooth it a bit, but there are few revisions even after two or three editing sessions by myself and a couple of editors. Maybe I’m just odd.

About Dean Bonner

C. D. (Dean) Bonner left the tarpaper shacks of Appalachia for a long military career, rising through the enlisted and officer ranks. He was a skilled Morse telegrapher and a calming voice during many search and rescue cases. He left a town of 300 souls to travel the world, living in Boston, New Orleans, DC, and even on the island of Guam for a couple of years. C. D. has a taste for things archaic, such as restoring Studebaker automobiles and antique tube radios, and is a weekend gold prospector. His partner PJ, a multi-talented artist, shares these same interests. Together, they travel and spend time at homes in Alabama and Virginia. C. D. has several upcoming projects, including recording several CDs of original humor for satellite radio and writing a new compilation of short stories. Dean worked as a weekly columnist for The Dadeville Record. He is a freelance writer for Lake Magazine and for Lake Martin Living Magazine. His feature articles have been published in The Republic arts magazine, in The Alexander City Outlook, and in The Lafayette Sun.

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